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“Avatar Generations has arrived! Based on Nickelodeon’s iconic series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, join Aang and Team Avatar and journey across the Four Nations to fulfill the Avatar’s destiny. Collect new allies to create your own team of favorite characters - from Katara, Suki, Gyatso to Yue, they’re all there. New heroes added regularly, including additional Avatars from across generations. Avatar Generations is out now on iOS and Android - on the App Store and Google Play Store!


Each playable character has their own unique set of skills and bending (or non-bending) abilities. Collect as many characters as you can and try all their bending abilities to create the ultimate teams!


The People of the Water Tribe use this hydrokinetic ability to control water, as well as its many forms. Water elemental attacks can slow enemies down in a pinch.


In the Earth Kingdom, they use this geokinetic ability and neutral Jing to manipulate the earth and rock in various forms. Earth elemental attacks can block effects on enemies.


The warriors in the Fire Nation use this pyrokinetic ability to produce and control fire. Fire elemental attacks can inflict burn status on enemies and cause them to take increased damage.


Air Nomads control and manipulate the air by utilizing this aerokinetic bending art. Air elemental attacks can debuff enemies by weakening their attacks.


Non-benders utilize special skills, weapons and fighting tactics instead of bending arts. Special attacks can block healing on enemies.



A Warrior's Heart | 01/30/23 00:00

Summon for exclusive 5★ Kyoshi Warrior Suki!

The Warrior's heart is available from now until Feb 14th 5PM PT. Dice your way through the Kyoshi event challenges by completing various activities such as clearing out training ground stages, elemental quests and win battles along side Kyoshi warriors and earn exclusive rewards!Summon for exclusive 5★ Kyoshi Warrior Suki!Featured rewards include: Training Scrolls, Meditation Beads, Incense and more!


100,000 Pre-Registrations!

Avatar Generations has now passed 100K Pre-Registrations! We've unlocked Last Airbender Aang and a 5★ Hero Ticket! Use this hero ticket to summon Aang for extra support against your strongest foes!

50,000 Pre-Registrations!

Avatar Generations has now passed 50K Pre-Registrations! We've unlocked Event Summon Tickets and Elements! Event Summon Tickets can be used to summon some of your favorite characters and assist you in the toughest battles! Use different Elements to level up your team Avatar!

Official Trailer Video Released!

Create your own Team Avatar and collect your characters from the Avatar-verse. Journey across the Four Nations through The Last Airbender’s saga, with new Avatars across other generations on the way! Level-up your heroes and combine bending skills  in battle for unique and powerful effects! Avatar Generations is a mobile RPG where you can have […]