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“Avatar Generations has arrived! Based on Nickelodeon’s iconic series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, join Aang and Team Avatar and journey across the Four Nations to fulfill the Avatar’s destiny. Collect new allies to create your own team of favorite characters - from Katara, Suki, Gyatso to Yue, they’re all there. New heroes added regularly, including additional Avatars from across generations. Avatar Generations is out now on iOS and Android - on the App Store and Google Play Store!


Each playable character has their own unique set of bending (or non-bending) abilities. Collect as many characters as you can and try all their bending abilities to create the ultimate teams!


Waterbenders use this hydrokinetic ability to control water, as well as its many forms. Water elemental attacks can slow enemies down in a pinch.


Earthbenders use this geokinetic ability and neutral Jing to manipulate the earth and rock in various forms. Earth elemental attacks can block effects on enemies.


Firebenders use this pyrokinetic ability to produce and control fire. Fire elemental attacks can inflict burn status on enemies and cause them to take increased damage.


Airbenders control and manipulate the air by utilizing this aerokinetic bending art. Air elemental attacks can debuff enemies by weakening their attacks.


Non-benders from all nations utilize special skills, weapons and fighting tactics instead of bending arts. Special attacks can block healing on enemies.




1.13 Patch Notes

All the content below will be available after the scheduled maintenance on August 14th 10:00AM PT! Guilds Feature Guilds have arrived to Avatar Generations! Create or Join a Guild with other Benders & Non-Benders! Within the Guilds Hub, you'll find a showcase of up to 4 members based on their roles and game stats: The […]

Character Spotlight Ronin Zuko

Ronin Zuko is a survivable bruiser that finds his ultimate strength in solitude. He is a hybrid element damager, capable of applying both Special and Fire Element and also excels at cleansing debuffs from his teams, while removing the opponent's buffs. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more spotlight videos!  

Character Spotlight Bending Master Katara

Katara has always had a strong sense of justice and the courage to confront those who take advantage of others. But now that she has mastered Waterbending, she also has the power to see her actions through and protect those she holds dear. Learn about how bending Master Katara wields the power of Water in […]

Friendship Day Fan Art Contest

NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY OR AVAILABLE TO ENTER OR WIN.  HOW TO ENTER & ELIGIBILITY No Purchase Necessary. Limited one (1) entry per person To enter entrants must complete all the following steps: (i) Submit custom art of their favourite friendship relationship (art should include both characters) from Avatar: The Last Airbender in the Avatar […]

1.12 Patch Notes

All the content below will be available after the scheduled maintenance on July 31st 10:00AM PT! Adventure Map Changes Mountain Pass Battle Environment polish Improved Mountain Pass Environment used in Mountain Passage Battles and other areas. Activities and Resource Changes New Event Dungeons Feature Event Dungeons are a new feature Accessible from the Home Screen […]

Character Spotlight Fire Nation Warden

On the battlefield the Warden draws ire from his opponents with provoking attacks, inflicting negative states upon them that render their attacks ineffective against him. Take down your opponents with ease and learn the latest battle tactics in our spotlight video! #avatarthelastairbender #firenation #firebender #mobilegame #youtube   Don't forget to subscribe✨!

11.1.2 Patch Notes

All the content below will be available after the scheduled maintenance on July 17th! New Summon Banners • ??? - Event Hero Banner - Begins 7/19 • ??? - Limited Support Banner - Begins 07/26 • ??? - Peace x Chaos Banner - Begins 08/02* *Dates Subject to change and various previously release banners may […]

Character Spotlight Goro and Juro!

Goro emphasis on speed and counter attacks and utilizes Special Debuffs to batter down tanky healers into vulnerable targets. Juro emphasis on heal effects and triggering offensive effects when receiving heals. With some preparation, Juro is able to occasionally protect his allies from lethal damage. The Jailer brothers are most effective in sideline slots, and […]

Character Spotlight Prisoner Katara

In combat, Prisoner Katara serves as a vital support unit with incredible healing for Rebel allies that is also able to inflict the Marked State on opponents to lower their defenses. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and learn more about the rebels in the Four Nations!


1.11.1 Patch Notes

All the content below will be available after the scheduled maintenance on July 4th UTC! Adventure Map Prison Rig New Campaign and Exploration Scenario for "Prison Rig" added to the Mo Ce Sea. Unlocked after completing the Omashu Scenario! • New Precision Arts Set is available to be earned exclusively from the Prison Rig scenario […]