30 June 2023

1.11.1 Patch Notes

All the content below will be available after the scheduled maintenance on July 4th UTC!

Adventure Map

Prison Rig

New Campaign and Exploration Scenario for "Prison Rig" added to the Mo Ce Sea. Unlocked after completing the Omashu Scenario!
• New Precision Arts Set is available to be earned exclusively from the Prison Rig scenario
• Rare and Epic Quality available


• The term "Node" used to describe points of interaction in each area is now commonly referred to as a "Waypoint".
• Adventure path travel times have been normalized to approximately 4 seconds per path (does not include the tutorial scenario).
• After completing Exploration scenarios, path times will increase as usual (remains unchanged).

Event Updates

New Summon Banners
• ??? - Event Hero Banner - Begins 7/03
• ??? - Powerful Opponent Banner - Begins 7/11
• ??? - Event Hero Banner - Begins 7/18
• ??? - Limited Support Banner - Begins 07/26*
*Dates Subject to change and various previously release banners may appear during special times throughout the release.

New Rewards in Standard Banner

New Relics have been added to the Tales of the Four Nations Standard Banner
• 5★ Relics of the Avatar added to Four Nations Banner
• 5★ Mural of the Five added to Four Nations Banner

Event Challenges & Event Currencies

New Event Challenges added! Complete themed challenges during the event time to earn many different rewards!
Complete the different event challenges to earn various rewards!
Event Currency is an item that can be obtained for rewards in the shop only available during the Event time frame!Events & Event Currency are only available during certain timeframes, once complete they will not be available until the event starts again!
Any remaining Event Currency when the event ends will be removed from the inventory, some event currency will be converted into gold or another item once the event ends.

New Heroes and Relics

New Hero and Relic available in the Arena Shop!
• 4★ [Prisoner] Haru (Offense) - Haru is an offensive bender who becomes more enraged as his allies are harmed. This rage builds up his speed which he uses against his opponents with Swift attacks or a devastating Shockwave of damage.
• 5★ Iron Encampment (Outlaw) to Arena Shop - 50% Chance to Remove Buffs and Positive States from all enemies if 2 or more debuffs are present on any target when the caster attacks (once per turn).

Character Tuning

• [Earth Kingdom] Kyoshi Warrior (Defense) - Mastery 4 now Increases the damage of all Kyoshi Warriors by 25%.
• [Fire Nation] Masked Soldier (Mind) - Basic Skill damage multiple increased from 0.65 to 1.1.

Bug Fixes


• Fix for Beach Umbrella effects not triggering upon a character's defeat.
• Fix for The Architect Jianzhu Mastery 4 allowing him to survive when only 1 debuff was on the enemy instead of at least 2.
• Fix for Earth Kingdom Tyro Speed increase not getting applied last update. Base speed should now be 110 (for real this time 🙂

Arena Shop

• [Water Tribe] Sokka (Mind), Tangle Mine Relic, and Earth Rumble Arts Set will be leaving the featured Arena Shop when the update begins.



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