28 July 2023

1.12 Patch Notes

All the content below will be available after the scheduled maintenance on July 31st 10:00AM PT!

Adventure Map Changes

Mountain Pass Battle Environment polish
Improved Mountain Pass Environment used in Mountain Passage Battles and other areas.

Activities and Resource Changes

New Event Dungeons Feature
Event Dungeons are a new feature Accessible from the Home Screen once the player reaches Level 5!
This game mode allows you to engage with limited time, standalone battles to experience unique stories and earn exclusive rewards.

Event Dungeons are Time Limited and will only be available for the scheduled time frame.
Event Dungeons can be exclusive and will not be available in the future.

Event Updates

New Summon Banners
• ??? - Awakening Event Banner - Begins 7/31
• ??? - Peace x Chaos Banner - Begins 7/31
• ??? - Limited Hero Banner - Begins 08/09

*Dates Subject to change and various previously release banners may appear during special times throughout the release.

New Rewards in Standard Banner
New Relics have been added to the Tales of the Four Nations Standard Banner
• 5★ Relic Blades of the Rebellion added to Four Nations Banner

Event Challenges & Event Currencies
New Event Challenges added! Complete themed challenges during the event time to earn many different rewards!
Complete the different event challenges to earn various rewards!
Event Currency is an item that can be obtained for rewards in the shop only available during the Event time frame!

Events & Event Currency are only available during certain timeframes, once complete they will not be available until the event starts again!
Any remaining Event Currency when the event ends will be removed from the inventory, some event currency will be converted into gold or another item once the event ends.

New Heroes and Relics
Shop Updates!
• 5★ [Fifth Nation] Taliriktug (Defense) has been added to the Summon Shop.
• 4★ Call of Freedom Relic has been added to the Summon Shop.
• 4★ [Fifth Nation] Pirate (Offense) has been added to the Timeline Shop.
• 4★ Frozen Pledge Relic has been added to the Timeline Shop.

Quality of Life & Bug Fixes

Combat System Update
• The damage formula has been updated to slightly increase the mitigation percentage of DEF stat
• Vengeance State - Increased change to Revenge from 25% to 35%. Now only counterattacks once per turn.
• New icon used for the Bleed Status Effect

Hero Tuning Updates
• [Moonslayer] Zhao (Chaos) - Passive: Decreased base duration of Red Moon from 2 to 1.
• Basic: Decreased missing HP damage from 1 to 0.8.
• Advanced: Decreased Missing HP damage from 1.5 to 1 . Advanced Skill Damage multiplier reduced from 1.5 to 1.4
• [Fifth Nation] Pirate (Mind) - SPD stat increased from 117 to 122.
• Passive now increases the SPD of all Fifth Nation allies at the start of battle for 1 turn.
• [Jailer] Juro (Peace) - Reduced Basic Skill damage multiplier from 1 to 0.7
• [Jailer] Goro (Chaos) - Reduced basic skill power from 1 to 0.75.
• Reduced advanced skill power from 1 to 0.9
• [Prisoner] Katara (Mind) - Grant immunity to SPD decreasing effects to Outlaw allies for 1 turn at the start of battle.
• [Wolf Cove] Sokka (Mind) - Grant immunity to SPD decreasing effects to Team Avatar and Invasion Force allies for 1 turn at the start of battle.
• [Fifth Nation] Taliriktug (Defense) - Passive - Now only counterattacks once per turn.

Relic Tuning Update
• Warden's Tower is adjusted to inflict SPD Down debuff on all enemies for 2 turns when the caster enters a Positive Stance or State. The SPD down value is still equal to 30%, but now is a debuff it can be blocked by immunity and cleansed (note this has been updated from the initial post to no longer ignore resistance).
• Beach Umbrella Relic, Decreased the base ATK Increase effect from 10% to 5%. ATK Stat increase now lasts for 2 turns.Combat Bug Fixes
• Fix for Fire Nation Warden (Defense) Mastery 3 entering Counterstance earlier than intended.
• Fix for Jailer Juro (Peace) HP Stacking infinitely with Contingency stance
• Fixed issue where Damage transferred from Skills and Statuses was not properly reduced by stat reductions
• Fixed issue where Dragon Dancer Zuko (Chaos) would lose Inner Flame if Enemy already had tier 3 Fire Element Applied
• Fixed issue where some attacks would not properly ignore Def
• Updated text for Spirit Water Amulet Relic to clarify it does not apply to the caster
• Fix for Fifth Nation Taliriktug (Defense) not gaining Crit Damage increase when in Covering Stance.
• Fix for Invader Zuko (Defense) gaining the incorrect amount of Crit Rate from his Advanced Skill
• Fix for Earth Kingdom Haru (Mind) getting defensive effects before taking damage.
• Fix for Earth Kingdom Haru (Mind)'s passive triggering Imbalance of Power Relic shield's healing when attacking
• Fix for Shackled Hope Relic not triggering when enemy with Tier 2 Fire Debuff is killed

General Bug Fixes
• Fixed issue with Event Challenge Progress reverting upon rollover and Event End
• Fixed issue with Purchase Limits not working correctly on some shop packs
• Fixed issue where some ability tooltips would not display fully in the Hero Inventory
• Fixed issue where last week stats would sometimes not display in Arena



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