11 August 2023

1.13 Patch Notes

All the content below will be available after the scheduled maintenance on August 14th 10:00AM PT!

Guilds Feature

Guilds have arrived to Avatar Generations! Create or Join a Guild with other Benders & Non-Benders!
Within the Guilds Hub, you'll find a showcase of up to 4 members based on their roles and game stats: The Guild Leader, Vice Leader, Highest Arena Rank, and Highest Guild contribution.

Daily check-ins will reward you with Pai Sho Tiles, which can be used to acquire exclusive items from the Guilds Shop. Each check-in also grants Guild XP, contributing to the guild's level and unlocking new item tiers in the shop

Other features include:
Guild Chat (Delayed with Guild Launch)
External Recruiting Message
Internal Guild Message of the Day
Set Base Country Flag
Set Guild Recruitment Criteria
Manage Guild Member Roles and Privileges
Guild Logo Customization

Inventory Improvements

New Slot Expansion Purchase Slider that allows players to buy multiple Slot Increases at once

New Auto-Sell Feature for Arts, Relics & Supports!
Players can now select all unequipped & Unlocked items of a specific rarity to be sold at once.
You can now also see the details of the gear you are selling by selecting on it in sell mode.

Adventure Map Revamp

The Adventure Map has had the Region Section removed.
This allows players to go into the Adventure Map and then select the Area they want to send teams through!
World Map art improved to include all available areas.

Current Region Resources will be replaced with Boss Shards in an upcoming update. Any owned resources will be able to be exchanged 1:1 when updated in 1.13.1.

New Summon Banners

New Summon Banners
• ??? - Powerful Opponent Banner - Begins 08/14
• ??? - Relic Banner - Begins 08/14*

*Dates Subject to change and various previously release banners may appear during special times throughout the release.

New Rewards

New Relic is Available from the Guild Shop
• 5★ White Lotus Banner Relic (White Lotus) - Grant 15% Increased SPD to all White Lotus faction allies at the start of the battle for 1 turn. Grant 15% (maxes out at 30%) Increased Turn Bar to the ally with the highest ATK when the caster is part of a Team Combo (Once per turn).

New Arts Set is Available from the Guild Shop
• The White Lotus Set - • 2-Set:Gain Endure for 1 turn at the start of battle.
• 4-Set: Gain Endure for 2 turns at the start of battle.
• 6-Set: Gain Endure for 2 turns at the start of battle. Grant Immortality to another ally with the highest ATK for 1 turn when the caster dies.

Event Challenges & Event Currencies

New Event Challenges added! Complete themed challenges during the event time to earn many different rewards!
Complete the different event challenges to earn various rewards!
Event Currency is an item that can be obtained for rewards in the shop only available during the Event time frame!

Events & Event Currency are only available during certain timeframes, once complete they will not be available until the event starts again!
Any remaining Event Currency when the event ends will be removed from the inventory, some event currency will be converted into gold or another item once the event ends.

New Heroes and Relics

Shop Updates!
• 5★ [Captain] Masaru (Offense) has been added to the Summon Shop.
• 5★ Imperial Order Relic has been added to the Summon Shop.

Character Tuning

Hero Tuning Updates
• [Dragon Dancer] Zuko (Chaos) - Advanced Skill now removes all defensive effects on the target (ignoring resistance).
• Increased stat scaling of HP (now maxes out at 10,566) Increased stat scaling of DEF (Now maxes out at 750). Increased base Crit Damage stat to 135%.
• Inner Flame Passive now applies when the caster is part of any team combo.
• Passive Mastery Levels updated to the following: Level 2: (Passive) - Reduce damage taken by Team Avatar and Bending Master allies by 50% for 1 turn when Inner Flame ignites. Level 3: (Passive) - Increase Turn Bar of Team Avatar and Bending Master allies by 10% when performing a combo. Level 4: (Passive) - Increase damage dealt by Team Avatar and Bending Master allies by 15%.
• [Avatar] Aang (Peace) - Pouncing Wave Basic Skill now grants Skill Nullifier to all Team Avatar allies.
• Rock Thrust Advanced Skill now grants Endure to the caster for 2 turns.
• [Earth Kingdom] Toph (Offense) - Basic skill now also Removes Positive Stances and States from each target hit (ignoring resistance if the target is in the backline).
• [Wolf Cove] Sokka - Base SPD stat increased from 111 to 120.
• Advanced Skill Turn Bar amount increased from 15% to 20%.
• Advanced Skill Damage multiplier increased from 0.3 to 0.5
• [Air Nomad] Gyatso (Defense) - Base SPD stat increased from 118 to 122.
• Advanced Skill now deals 4 separate hits of damage to random enemies.
• This means the effects can double or even possibly quadruple up onto a single enemy.
• [Last Airbender] Aang (Mind) - Increased SPD scaling on Advanced Skill when in Avatar State from 1.05 to 1.1
• [Bending Master] Pakku (Offense) - Now has a 50% Chance to Freeze the target enemy when used as a Combo Linker and a 100% Chance when used as a Combo Ender (ignoring resistance).
• [Pirate Captain] Kiwaq (Mind) - Increased Damage Multiplier on advanced skill from 0.35 to 0.5
• [Fire Nation] Warden (Defense) - Decreased Base Speed from 122 to 115. Mocking Stance Crit Damage Reduction decreased from 75% to 30%

Equipment Tuning

Relic Tuning Update
• Warden's Tower Relic - Now only activates on the caster's turn.
• Desecrated Fountain - Decreased SPD reduction amount per level from 8 to 3. Reduced the duration of the SPD down effect from 3 turns to 2 turns.

Combat Bug Fixes

• Fix for Air Nomad Gyatso (Defense) sometimes not removing defensive effects with Counterforce Damage
• Fix for Warden's Tower Relic applying to Arena Defense teams through Immunity.
• Fix for Team Support level not displaying correctly in combat
• Fix for Heal Block allowing Healing in certain conditions
• Fix for Kelsang not holding his Glider correctly during Ultimate Attacks
• Fix fors ome of Traveler Iroh's passive effects sometimes lasting after his defeat.

General Bug Fixes

• Fixed issue where Stamina would regenerate faster than expected
• Fixed issue where using Skip Tickets when Inventory is almost full would cause a connection issue
• Fixed issue where Performing a Summon would not show the Summon Video and Rewards
• Fixed issue where attempting to auto-assign without valid heroes would not provide warning
• Fixed issue where Auto Repeat would not work for Arts Expedition
• Fixed issue where Skip Tickets could not be used when quest has been cleared with 3-stars
• Fixed issue where upgrades were not tracking correctly for Growth Achievements
• Fixed issue where Arena Defense Teams would Reset




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