13 March 2023

The Battle Arena Is Coming Soon! - 1.8.1 Patch Notes

All the content below will be available after the scheduled maintenance on March 14th at 11:00AM PST!

Arena Beta

PvP Arena Beta has Begun! The Arena is now open for everyone to test their teams against other players! The Arena is a new mode available in the Activities section once the Ketu Harbor Campaign is completed!

  • Participate in the Arena using Arena Tickets (5 regenerate daily and more can be obtained easily from daily challenges, various events, and shops)
  • Set a Defense & Attack Team with a team Support and 4 heroes equipped with the Relics, Arts and Supports of your choice
  • Win Battles to earn Victory Points and Arena Coins
  • Arena Coins can be used in the Arena Shop, while Victory Points help you climb through the ranks and leaderboards
  • Leaderboards will show the top 100 players for the current week as well as the previous week after reset Sundays 7pm PT
  • Rewards will be provided after weekly reset based on how you well you ranked
  • Depending on where you placed in the last arena period, you will be placed in either the same or lower division the following reset.
  • A few hours before the weekly reset, all names will be hidden with ??? to help prevent win trading
  • The arena will enter a "Lockdown" state 1 hour before the weekly reset, so be sure to get all of your fights in before then (the game will provide a warning when the lockdown is imminent)
  • You can also practice against your own defense teams as much as you want and try out new team comps and strategies using the heroes you own.
  • Currently, the Arena Shop can only be accessed through the Arena itself. It will be added as a tile in the general shop in a future update.

Daily Item Packs Available & BOGO Nature Stones Pack Updated

Daily Item Packs are now available in the Shop! Obtain items every day when logging in! Pack will remain active until the player has logged in for the completed length of the pack!

  • 7-Day Nature Stone Pack
  • 30-Day Nature Stone Pack
  • 7-Day Energy Pack
  • 7-Day Region Resource Pack

The Special Offer Nature Stones Packs now have a monthly purchase limit!

  • The Special Offer Nature Stone packs that give Twice as many Nature Stones are now have a monthly purchase limit
  • x3 purchase limit each Month

Cabbage Cart is Now Available

The Cabbage Cart Man has rewards that can be earned by watching Ads!

  • 5 ads are available daily
  • Earn Nature Stones and Energy as rewards

Arena Shop Now Available!

New Shop packs are available with the Arena Feature!

  • Spend your Arena Coins in the shop for special rewards and featured packs
  • A new Gold Pack is available to help with Upgrading Heroes & Equipment for the Arena

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Wolf Cove Sokka Skill Mastery 3 not healing properly
  • Event Icon will update with a notification badge when a Challenge is completed instead of waiting until app is restarted
  • Earth Element will no longer be applied upon using a Fire/Fire/Special Ultimate
  • Summon Banner end time will not incorrectly update when another Summon Banner will expire within 24 hours
  • Status Effect & Debuff tracking for Event Challenges will now track correctly. Previously tracking was only applied on the starting wave of a multiwave battle
  • Fixed various spelling and translation issue in multiple languages
  • Using multiple skip tickets will accurately track progress made for event challenges
  • Switching an equipped support or relic that is fully upgraded will correctly be unequipped and returned to the players inventory
  • Fixed the issue where upgrading an Earth Element hero would track leveling up multiple times incorrectly

Known Issues

  • Arena Achievements of Higher Tiers do not currently track progress until the previous tier is completed
  • Arena Shop can only be accessed from the Arena Screen.
  • Left Side of the Adventure Map may become unresponsive when using the Team Dock to switch between Areas.




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