17 July 2023

11.1.2 Patch Notes

All the content below will be available after the scheduled maintenance on July 17th!

New Summon Banners

• ??? - Event Hero Banner - Begins 7/19
• ??? - Limited Support Banner - Begins 07/26
• ??? - Peace x Chaos Banner - Begins 08/02*
*Dates Subject to change and various previously release banners may appear during special times throughout the release.

Event Challenges & Event Currencies

New Event Challenges added! Complete themed challenges during the event time to earn many different rewards!
Complete the different event challenges to earn various rewards!
Event Currency is an item that can be obtained for rewards in the shop only available during the Event time frame!

Events & Event Currency are only available during certain timeframes, once complete they will not be available until the event starts again!
Any remaining Event Currency when the event ends will be removed from the inventory, some event currency will be converted into gold or another item once the event ends.

New Heroes and Relics

New Arts Sets Available in the Shops!
• Dominance Set Available in the Arena Shop
• ??? Arts Set Available during the Event - 07/26

Character Tuning

• Updated text for Skill Nullifier to more clearly communicate its functionality
• Fix for text on Earth Kingdom Tyro (Mind) passive skill which indicated that the maximum courage stacks were 4, when they are actually 5
• Fix for the 30-Day Nature Stone not giving Correct Amount each Day
• Peace X Chaos Ticket Packs added back to the Store

General Changes

• Changed the ">>>" Button to a "Skip" Button during Narrative Scenes and Cut Scenes
• Improved visual feedback for Valid Heroes when creating a new team
• Valid heroes sorted to top of Selection Window with improved UI & VFX
• Auto Assign option added for creating Teams
• Improved Team Travelling throughout Adventure Maps - Selecting a Node to travel too will automatically send the Available team if only one is available to travel on that Adventure Map or other teams are busy.
• Added Item Location Links to Player Inventory and Upgrade Screens
• Improved Hero Training UI. Removed Slider, and added Options for "+1 Level" or "Max Level"

Bug Fixes

Combat Bug Fixes
• Fix for Jailer Goro (Chaos) revenge passive applying to Juro such that Juro was also counterattacking when he was being hit.
• Fix for Jailer Juro (Peace) passive still triggering when defeated.
• Fix for Earth Kingdom Tyro (Mind) Mastery 3 not removing Earth Element effects at the start of the caster's turn.
• Fix for Earth Kingdom Haru (Mind) granting a random defensive buff for 2 turns instead of 1 turn. Chance for Invincibility lowered slightly.
• Fix for Prisoner Haru (Offense) SPD damage scaling on skills increasing higher than intended (exceeding skill power caps).
• Fix for The Architect Jianzhu (Chaos) sometims being unable to die for 1 turn after using his advanced skill
• Fix for The Architect Jianzhu's (Chaos) Advanced Skill sometimes being countered
• Fix for The Architect Jianzhu's (Chaos) Basic Skill not removing Skill Nullify
• Fix for Earth Kingdom Tyro being able to use his Advanced Unlimited times under certain conditions



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