Four Nations - Fire | Ends on 06/06/23 17:00

Summon for 5★ Fire Nation Heroes!

Feature rewards on summoning banner:

  • 5★ Colonel Mongke
  • 5★ Commander Zhao
  • 5★ Fire Nation Iroh
  • 5★ Komodo Rider Zuko
  • 5★ Fire Lord's Throne Relic

Colonel Mongke

Type: Offense | Element: Fire

In battle, Colonel Mongke uses his firebending and Komodo Rhino to attack all enemies within a wide area, gaining buffs and leading his team forward to victory.

Passive Skill: Unstoppable

Immune to all immobilizing effects. Gain Increased SPD and Increased ATK for 1 turn when you enter a Fearsome Stance.

Fearsome Stance: Lower the defense of all enemies by +15%

Commander Zhao

Type: Mind | Element: Fire

In battle Zhao is a disruptive force, stealing buffs and exploiting weak-end opponents to his benefit, ultimately ramping up in damage output and ensuring he burns everything to the ground.

Passive Skill: Naval Commander

Grant Increased Crit Rate for 1 turn to allies of the Fire Army Faction when you land a Critical Strike. Lower the ATK of enemies in a captured state by 50%.

Fire Nation Iroh

Type: Defense | Element: Fire

Iroh is a strong Team Bar Cleave counter and excels at reducing the offensive aggression of opponents with soft crowd control.

Passive Skill: Blooming Tile

When an enemy's Turn Bar is increased, decrease the Turn Bar of enemies with the highest and second highest ATK by 20% and increase your own Turn Bar by the same amount (2 turn cooldown).

Komodo Rider Zuko

Type: Defense | Element: Fire

Komodo Rider Zuko is a strong damage absorber capable of soaking up hits and dishing damage back out to his enemies every few turns.

Passive Skill: Indignant Resolve

Block 30% of all damage received for 2 turns and return it as Additional Damage to all enemies at the end of the caster's turn.

Fire Lord's Throne Relic

Type: Any | Element: Fire | Faction: Any

The Throne of The Fire Lord is the seat of power of the entire Fire Nation, representing the authority to rule the world. Equip this relic to give Fire type heroes an ATK and DEF boost!

Passive Skill: Increase Damage Dealt by 3% for each Fire Element ally on the team at the start of the battle.

Exchange Shop Items:

  • Spear Soldier (Defense)
  • Mounted Soldier (Mind)
  • Komodo Rhino Support
  • Mounted Soldier (Mind)
  • Exchange Shop Items:
  • Nature Stones
  • Peace x Chaos Summon Tickets
  • Energy
  • Art Essence

Event Challenge Rewards:

  • Summon Ticket
  • Skip Ticket
  • Arena Ticket
  • Gold
  • Elements (Fire)
  • Food (Egg Tart, Moon Peach, Fruit Pie, Spirit Cake)

The Four Nations - Fire Event will run until 5:00PM PT June 6th! 

Broken Bonds | Ends on 06/13/23 17:00

Summon for 5★ Air Nomad Kelsang and 5★ The Architect Jianzhu!

Featured Rewards on summoning banner:

  • 5★ Air Nomad Kelsang
  • 5★ The Architect Jianzhu
  • 5★ Kuruk's Poem Relic (Sage)
  • 5★ The Price of Progress Relic (Sifu)
  • 4★ Spirit Shine (Peace)
  • 4★ Immobilizing Incense (Chaos)

Obtain either Kelsang (50%) or Jianzhu (50%) when the pity count is reached

Air Nomad Kelsang

Type: Peace | Element: Air

During battle, Kelsang defends his team with the strength of a master airbender keeping them resilient and shutting down offensive advancement and debuff effects.

Passive Skill: Increase ATK and Crit Rate of each ally by 5% and Increase DEF of the caster by 10% for 1 turn when any ally is attacked while Guardian Stance is active. Block Turn Bar Increase effects on the enemy team while in Guardian Stance.

Guardian Stance: Reduce damage allies take from Critical Hits by 50%. Allies cannot be inflicted with negative effects or states while active.

The Architect Jianzhu

Type: Chaos | Element: Earth

In battle, Jianzhu is a master manipulator able to redirect any attacks against an opponent to their vulnerable backline to push his advantage in battle.

Passive Skill: Remove negative effects on the caster with a 50% Chance to inflict a random negative state on an enemy (ignoring resistance) when hit with a critical attack (2-turn cooldown).

Kuruk's Poem Relic

A love poem written by Avatar Kuruk for Hei Ran, but never delivered.

Passive Skill: Deal Additional Penetrating Damage that ignores 25% of the target's DEF when the caster attacks and enemy with 2 or more buffs active.

The Price of Progress Relic

Pyramidal caltrops made by Jianzhu to help Avatar Yun "sever his bond" with the Earth

Passive Skill: 35% Chance to gain an Extra Turn when the caster lands a Critical Strike on their turn (2 turn cooldown).

Spirit Shine

A small shrine filled with tributes to the spirit world, left in the hope of appeasing their ire and bringing peace.

Passive Skill: 25% Chance to grant Increased DEF, Skill Nullifier, or Invincibility to the ally with the highest ATK for 1 turn when the caster attacks.

Immobilizing Incense

A brazier filled with soporific incense, causing temporary paralysis to those who breathe its fumes.

Passive Skill: Decrease DEF and RES of all enemies in a Positive Stance or State by 35% during the caster's turn.

Exchange Shop Items:

  • Peace x Chaos Summon Tickets
  • Meditation beads (Peace)
  • Meditation Beads (Chaos)

Event Challenge Rewards:

  • Peace x Chaos Summon Tickets
  • Elements (Air)
  • Energy
  • Nature Stones

The Broken Bonds Summoning Banner will be available until 5:00PM PT June 13th! Note the Broken Bonds Event Shop and Event Challenges will only be available until 5:00PM PT May 30th!