22 March 2023

Live Events

The Deserter

Summon for exclusive 5★ The Deserter Jeong Jeong!

Once an honored Fire Nation Admiral, this Firebending Master defected and became somewhat of a hermit after watching his students cause so much destruction in the Hundred Year War. He may still have some fire in him yet.

Featured rewards on the summoning banner

  • 5★ [The Deserter] Jeong Jeong
  • 5★ Roku's Decree Relic

The Deserter Jeong Jeong

Jeong Jeong is excellent to be used in the front line and can play the roll of an offensive or defensive position on your team. Take advantage of Jeong Jeong's advanced skill and gain HP Regen and enter a Vanish State for 2 turns.

Once in Vanish State Jeong Jeong will dodge all attacks until he deals damage. Additionally while in this state, his Advanced Skill becomes "Meditation" for 6 turns. The caster meditates, gaining Immunity for 1 turn and increasing Resistance of all allies by 35% and decreasing Resistance of all enemies by 35% for 1 turn.

Roku's Decree Relic

Passive Skill: 50% Chance to gain an Extra Turn when the caster inflicts a Negative Stance or State on the enemy (once per turn, 3 times per battle).

Art Shop Rewards

  • Book of the Deserter
  • Scroll of the Deserter
  • Mask of the Deserter
  • Amulet of the Deserter
  • Map of the Deserter
  • Feather of the Deserter

Set Effects:

2-Set: Increase ATK by 15%
4-Set: Increase ATK by 35%
6-Set: Increase ATK by 40% Vanish for 2 turns when your HP is 25% or below

This is a limited event banner, only available until March 28th 5:00PM PT!

Earth Rumble 

The bounty hunting host of the underground Earth Rumble Tournament is ready to personally compete for the ultimate prize!

What Is Player vs Player

Our newly released player vs player feature allows you to built your own ultimate avatar team and battle against other players! Defeat other player's defensive teams in order to climb the rankings, earn rewards and be placed on the Winner Hall of Fame! 

How It Works

Offense Team:

You will set up your own offensive team and battle against defensive teams set by other players. As you win battles you will earn Victory Points as well as Arena Coins. Based on the amount of Victory Points you have, you climb up the Division Tiers (13 divisions in total) and also gain a specific Rank among other players. Each Division Tier offers its own set of rewards which will be distributed at the end of each week.

Defense Team:

You will create a defensive team for other players to battle. If another player loses against your defense team they will lose Victory Points and you will gain Victory Points. If another player wins against your defense team then they will gain Victory Points and will lose Victory Points. You will be able to test out your own defensive team as much as you'd like by battling against it to ensure no one can take you down!

Victory Points: Points used to determine Division Tier

Arena Coins: Currency used in the Arena Shop to purchase exclusive items and characters

Arena Tickets: Arena entry tickets used to battle other players

The arena is accessible from the Activities screen upon completion of Ketu Harbor. 

Event Challenge Rewards:

  • Arena Coins
  • Arena Tickets
  • Summon Tickets
  • Peace x Chaos Tickets
  • Art Essence

The Earth Rumble event will run until 5:00PM PT on March 28th! 

Four Nations - Air 

Summon for exclusive 5★ Air Nation Heroes! Log in for 7 days during the Four Nations - Air login calendar to earn Nature Stones, Summon Tickets and more!

Featured rewards on the summoning banner:

  • 5★ [Avatar State] Aang (Offense)
  • 5★ [Air Nomad] Gyatso (Defense)
  • 5★ Relics of the Avatar (Avatar)

Avatar State Aang

Avatar State Aang (Offense) is an impenetrable force of nature, capable of wielding and manipulating Elemental Effects to increase his effectiveness. Aang's passive skill, Bridge to The Spirit World will allow you to gain Affinity Advantage against all opponents. Reduce damage taken by 5% of each opponent alive at the start of your turn.

Air Nomad Gyatso

In battle, Gyatso is playful and elusive, featuring highly effective, but also highly variable utility to catch his opponents off guard and disrupt their plans. Make use of Gyatso's Freedom of Fun passive skill and gain Evasion for 1 turn when hit with a Critical Hit. Increase Turn Bar of the caster by 10% when attacked with a Weak Hit.

Relics of the Avatar

This Relic will grant a massive HP and ATK stat boost to your favorite Avatar heroes and includes the following passive skill: 50% Chance to Gain Echo for 1 turn when you inflict an Elemental Effect on an enemy.

The Four Nations - Air Event will be available until 5:00PM PT on April 4th!

Winds of Change

Ride the winds into our next Event! Earn Ascension Materials and more by exchanging Air Element (all tiers) and Air Boss Battle Coins throughout the week!

Exchange Shop Rewards:

  • Energy
  • Arena Tickets
  • Skip Tickets
  • Air Nomad Talisman (Spirit, Balance and Change)
  • Avatar Talisman (Spirit)

Event Challenge Rewards:

  • Elements (Air)
  • Summon Tickets
  • Skip Tickets
  • Art Essence
  • Mountain Apple

The Winds of Change Event will run until 5:00PM PT on April 4th!

Path to Omashu

Now’s your chance to get your hands on some extra rewards!

Clear ANY Event challenges from now until April 18th and earn Summon Tickets, Peace x Chaos Tickets and 5★ Skill Level Tokens!


  • Summon Tickets
  • Peace x Chaos Tickets
  • 5★ Skill Level Tokens

The Path to Omashu Event will run until 5:00PM PT on April 18th!



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