27 February 2023

New Content Incoming!

All the content below will be available after the scheduled maintenance on February 28th at 11:00AM PT!

Character Tuning

[Pirate Captain] Kiwaq (Mind) increased basic skill damage multiplier from 0.8 to 1.0
[Pirate Captain] Kiwaq (Mind) increased Advanced skill damage multiplier from 0.25 to 0.35

Adventure Map Teams

Available Adventure Teams cap increased from 10 to 12

Attack Animation Polish

Polished the Attack Animations of the following Characters

  • [Kyoshi Island] Unagi (Offense)
  • [Earth Kingdom] Platypus Bears (Offense/Defense/Mind)
  • [Mask of the Rebel] Blue Spirit (Offense)

Activity Polish

Tuned the Power rating of Training Grounds Stage V to better align with the difficulty

Adventure Map Changes 

New Area - Omashu!

Explore the legendary Earth Kingdom city of Omashu and meet the Mad King Bumi!
New campaign and exploration adventures are now available in Omashu! Meet the Cabbage Merchant and try to beat Bumi's challenges!

Activity Changes

New Mastery Quests and Skill Mastery for the following heroes!

  • 5★ [Komodo Rider] Zuko (Defense)
  • 4★[Earth Kingdom] Earth Soldier (Defense)
  • 4★ [Air Nomad] Youth (Offense)
  • 4★[Invader] Zuko (Defense)

Bumi Boss Battle

Brand New Boss Battle against King Bumi and his buddy Flopsie!
Get ready to challenge King Bumi and Flopsie to an intense Boss Battle for new Boss Coins and other rewards!

Similar to other Boss Battles, beating Rank 5 can earn the player Peace Attribtue Materials as well as Ascension Talisman Items for the following Factions:

  • Sifu
  • Swordmaster
  • Outlaw
  • Officer
  • Spirit
  • Hunter

New Missions

New Missions available to clear associated to Omashu and the new features! Complete these missions for rewards to help grow your team!

New Rewards in Standard Banner

New Characters, Relics, and Supports have been added to the Tales of the Four Nations Standard Banner

  • Lovers Guardian Relic added to Tale of the Four Nations Banner
  • [Earth Kingdom] Lop Eared Rabbit support added to Tales of the Four Nations Banner

Event Challenges & Event Currencies

New Event Challenges added! Complete themed challenges during the event time to earn many different rewards!

Complete the different event challenges to earn various rewards including the new Event Currency!

Event Currency is a new item that can be obtained for rewards in the shop only available during the Event timeframe!

Events & Event Currency are only available during certain timeframes, once complete they will not be available until the event starts again!

Any remaining Event Currency when the event ends will be removed from the inventory, some event currency will be converted into gold or another item once the event ends.

New Relics, Supports and Arts

New Relics and Supports available from limited Banners and the Shop!

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes freeze in between waves

Fixed issue of Type Advantage/Disadvantage Arrows now display correctly in combat

Fixed issue where Wolf Cove Sokka Skill Mastery 3 wasn't healing properly

Event Icons will correctly show Notification badge once challenges are ready to be claimed without needing to restart the app

Arrows to swap between event challenge screen are now more visible on Event Backgrounds

Fixed various issues with Event Challenges not tracking progress accurately

Fixed issues where the player would get stuck on the Adventure Awaits IV or Reflections IV New Player Missions

Confirmation Modals should be shown for all Shop Pack purchases

Fixed an issue where the screen would freeze transitioning from the Hero Screen to the Adventure Screen

[WarPaint] Sokka Exploit with unlimited turns due to weapon swap ability is resolved

Cleaned up the Models of various characters to fix the black spots showing on some characters





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