10 May 2023

Roadmap and 1.10 Tuning Preview

Attention all benders and non-benders!

We hope you're enjoying the Rise of Kyoshi update. We still have three playable heroes on the way, so keep an eye out for them.

In this post, we'll be sharing the Roadmap for future updates, as well as a preview of the tuning notes for the upcoming 1.10 release, tentatively scheduled for 5/16/2023.

New Scenarios

The Rise of Kyoshi was an exciting campaign for us, and we're eager to continue exploring and adapting more stories from this timeline later in the year. In the meantime, we'll be expanding on the Adventure mode and continuing Aang's journey through the series. Here's what you can expect in the next few updates.

The 1.10 update will include a new exploration area with an original side story and the introduction of a new villain to the lore.

The 1.11.1 update continues the story from the series–Ep.6 Imprisoned.

Upcoming Events and Content

Aside from new playable areas, there's a lot of exciting content on the horizon. After the conclusion of Rise of Kyoshi in 1.10, we will be bringing back the outstanding early access heroes near the end of 1.10 and into 1.11. You can also expect to see iconic heroes and villains from Imprisoned episode along with that scenario’s release.

Finally, there is an important milestone for the game upcoming in the next few months that will kick off one of the largest celebrations of the year and introduce some of the most anticipated heroes that haven't appeared in the game yet in 1.12-1.13. Stay tuned for more details on that in a future post.

New Features

There are several big-ticket features in planning and production, including Character Customization, an Adventure Mode revamp, and Guilds. Since these features take a while to develop, they won't be available in the short term. However, we'll continue to provide updates on their progress as they near completion.

In terms of what you can expect to see in the next several updates, we'll be expanding the Arts Expeditions with Stage VI, revamping our early game guidance with new player-friendly tutorial systems, and focusing on bug fixing and quality-of-life issues. This includes improvements to inventory and character management (filtering, skill coin usage, selling improvements), combat playback issues (animation syncing, health bar feedback, camera and presentation improvements), and the summoning system (pity selection, more clarity on banner types).

1.10 Tuning Preview (Tentative Date: 5/16/2023)

Lastly, we have been assessing the state of the arena and while we have seen an improvement in team diversity, we recognize that fundamental changes are still needed to address the issue of high defense stacking champions. To tackle this problem, one of the most impactful tuning changes in the upcoming update is a modification to the combat formula, which reduces the value of stacking defense for mitigation purposes (please note that stacking DEF for offensive purposes will not be affected by this change, but some hero tuning adjustments have been made).

Our aim is to empower damage-dealing heroes to deal more damage to super tanks while maintaining a balance for defensive units overall. As always, we will keep a close eye on the outcomes and make any necessary adjustments based on data and feedback. With that, here are the tuning adjustments incoming next update:

Note: The following tuning notes are subject to change as content continues through the testing cycle. We will update any changes that either did not make it in or have been added or adjusted since this post when the patch goes live. In addition, this does not include all changes that are being worked on, particularly bugs that are being fixed in the broader combat system.

Combat System Updates

  • The damage formula has been updated to reduce the mitigation percentage of stacking DEF
  • Marked State now additionally lowers the DEF of the target by 60%
  • Restrict Debuff DEF and RES reduction increased from 35% to 65%
  • Covering Stance now also grants 30% Increased MAX HP

Hero Tuning Updates

  • [Earth Kingdom] Toph (Offense) - Removed Toph's specific weakness to Air Element damage from her passive.
  • [Pirate Captain] Jiang (Mind) - Now gains 10 Focus on Advanced Skill use. Passive Skill Levels added that increase the duration of buff effects she receives. Mastery Level 2 Evasion duration increased from 1 to 2. Marked targets that are attacked now Decrease Turn Bar of all enemies by 15% (Ignoring Resistance).
  • [Avatar] Kyoshi (Defense) - Vengeance State trigger chance reduced from 50% to 35% due to counter limit bug fix (see combat bug fixes). DEF damage scaling decreased due to updated combat formula adjustments (see Combat Updates).
  • [Fire Nation] Rangi (Offense) - Base Accuracy stat Increased from 10% to 25%.
  • [Fifth Nation] Taliriktug (Defense) - Basic Skill now deals Additional Penetrating Waterbending Damage that ignores resistance. Advanced Skill now grants an Extra Turn.
  • [Captain] Masaru (Offense) - Basic Skill multiplier increased from 0.95 to 1.2. Advanced Skill now grants an Extra Turn. Passive “Desperation” now Removes All Negative Effects and Debuffs from the caster. Duration of Mastery 2 and 3 buff effects increased from 1 to 2 turns. Mastery 4 now also decreases the caster's skill cooldown by 3.
  • [Commander] Zhao (Mind) - Increased HP stat scaling
  • [Kyoshi Warrior] Sokka (Offense) - Basic Skill damage multiplier increased from 0.35 to 0.5. Advanced Skill damage multiplier increased from 0.85 to 1. Advanced Skill Positive State Removal trigger chance scaling increased from 3% to 5% per level. Passive damage reduction now applies to all allies.
  • [Bending Master] Pakku (Offense) - Increased Additional Penetrating Damage amount on Critical Strikes from Basic Skill.
  • [Water Tribe] Sokka (Offense) - Advanced Skill Additional hit now ignores a percentage of the target's DEF. Increased based chance to Stun from 30% to 50%.
  • [Air Nomad] Gyatso (Defense) - Passive now permanently increases SPD and ACC of all allies by 5% each attack. Double this amount for Air Element allies (5 times per battle).
  • [Water Tribe] Katara (Offense) - Basic Skill base Freeze chance increased to 70% with 6% scaling per skill level. The attack can no longer be countered.
  • [Last Airbender] Aang (Mind) - Basic and Advanced SPD stat scaling reduced by 20% due to updated combat formula adjustments (see Combat System Updates).
  • [Komodo Rider] Zuko (Defense) - Advanced Skill damage scaling decreased due to updated combat formula adjustments (see Combat System Updates).
  • [Earth Rumble] Xin Fu (Defense) - Basic Skill damage scaling decreased due to updated combat formula adjustments (see Combat System Updates).

Relic Tuning Updates

  • Statue of Kyoshi - Scaling reduced from 4% per level to 2% per level. Now maxes out at 20%.
  • Desecrated Fountain - SPD stat reduction increased from 5% per level to 8%. Now maxes out at 60%

Combat Bug Fixes

  • Fix for attacks that "Cannot Land as a Weak Hit" being overridden by Weak Hit effects.
  • Fix for Disruptive Damage increasing the Turn Bar instead of reducing it.
  • Fix for Statue of Kyoshi Relic healing through heal block.
  • Fix for [Avatar] Kyoshi (Defense) only countering once per battle.
  • Fix for [Fifth Nation] Taliriktug (Defense) only countering once per battle.
  • Fix for [Pirate Queen] Tagaka (Offense) Advanced Skill multiplier being lower than intended.
  • Fix for [Komodo Rider] Zuko (Defense) decreasing DEF and RES stats when in Taunting Stance.
  • Fix for [Earth Rumble] Xin Fu (Offense) Bounty Effect not applying to the enemy with the highest DEF, as stated.
  • Fix for [Master Bender] Katara (Offense) Mastery 3 reducing cooldowns by only 1 instead of 2
  • Fix for [Last Airbender] Aang (Mind) not healing when entering into Avatar State.
  • Fix for [Fire Nation] Zuko (Offense) not healing when Unyielding Determination is activated.




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